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I like being part computer, it feels good, and this liminal state, this transitional period from deaf to hearing, is an adventure.”

sophieatriotonredchurchstreetfilmsetI’m a writer, actor and journalist. I grew up hearing and started going deaf aged 18. It runs in the family. Communication and everyday life grew more and more tricky and stressful. By the age of 36 I was almost totally deaf.  I thought that was it, I would be deaf for the rest of my life. I’d heard about cochlear implants but I had no idea it was possible to ‘go hearing’. Then lots of people told me CI’s were really good now. I decided I had little to lose went for implantation and now have an Advanced Bionics Naida CI Q70.  

It’s quite brilliant, and things sound as I remember them.

This website is a collection of the stuff, personal and journalistic, that I’ve been writing about my hearing rehabilitation since switch on in August 2013. I decided to put it online because I couldn’t find many CI accounts written by ‘people like me’, ie people who’d grown up hearing then gone deaf. 

To start at the beginning of my hearing rehabilitation journey click here.

You can find out more about my writing and performance work at http://www.sophiewoolley.com/

Photo by Debbie Bragg.

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  1. Dear Sophie,

    My name is Elliott, and I recently started a website for reviews of music for cochlear implant users. I came across your great blog. We are trying to get a number of reviews prior to launching our site and I am writing to ask if you write a single review on your favorite song or any other musical work.

    The review could be fairly short ~3 sentences.

    We could definitely provide a link to your blog, as well.

    Here is a link to our preliminary website: EdisonParkMusic.com

    Thank you!



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